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Junior Cricket at HHTCC


Welcome to the HHTCC Junior Cricket web page. In this area you will find details on our activities, winter and summer. You will also find information on our fixtures, our coaches, and our contact details.

Our ethos is quite simple: we want our juniors to have fun, progress and ultimately play cricket at the highest level they can. HHTCC is one of the largest clubs within Hertfordshire and we follow all the guidelines on best practice within the England and Wales Cricket Board’s (ECB) directives. We have Clubmark accreditation which is renewed every three years and reviewed each year.

We also aim to be a family-friendly club, so that parents/carers can enjoy watching their children play cricket and also feel part of the club community.  To that end, we aim to have either our bar or café open during matches and (as far as possible) training sessions.  We also hold a range of social events for people of all ages and backgrounds.


We have a high calibre coaching team, with a ratio of qualified coaches to junior players which vastly exceeds ECB requirements.  The coaching team contains a mix of: ECB-qualified coaches; current and former players of club cricket of a high standard; people who have represented the MCC and/or minor counties as players; and people who have taught PE in schools.

Our team coaches/managers all give their time unpaid and as volunteers, and we are always interested to hear from parents who might wish to support a team in which they have a child playing.  The club can support such volunteers by funding training of coaches and support workers.

Starting to play cricket: All Stars and Dynamos

For the youngest players, we are part of the ECB’s ‘All Stars’ programme (which covers 5-8 year old boys and girls – school Years 0-3).  In 2021, our sessions will be bookable from mid-February 2021 here.

For new players in schools Years 4-6 who do not start until later in the season, we will be offering ‘Dynamos’ in July and August 2021, bookable from mid-February 2021 here.  New players of that age who wish to start before July, and play a normal season of cricket from earlier in the year should contact us to se if there is available space in our age group squads,

Please note that All Stars and Dynamos are run nationally by the ECB, even though sessions are delivered by HHTCC, and the bulk of the money goes to the ECB rather than HHTCC.  This means that fees for All Stars and Dynamos are separate from fees paid to HHTCC.

Age group teams for boys and girls in school Year 4 and above in 2021

For Under 9 (school Year 4) and above, we have teams for boys and girls in the Hertfordshire Junior Leagues (HJL). Aside from matches in the HJL, we also play friendlies across all age groups.  In 2020, we are fielding sides as listed below.

  • Under 9 Boys (led by Richard Grayson)
  • Under 10 Boys (led by Lewis Hodgins)
  • Under 11A Boys (led by Neil Morgan and Martin Botha)
  • Under 11B Boys (led by Aaron Wilson, Freddie Lippiatt and Sam Buckley)
  • Under 11 Girls (led by Rebecca Kelly jointly with Boxmoor CC playing as ‘Grand Union’)
  • Under 12 Boys (led by Colin Willetts)
  • Under 13 Boys (led by Duncan Howard and Andy Turbutt)
  • Under 13 Girls (led by Boxmoor CC playing as ‘Grand Union’ with Rebecca Kelly as Hemel’s lead)
  • Under 14 Boys (led by Graham Clark, Nick Hodgins and Hannah Clark)
  • Under 15 Boys (led by Colin Willetts)
  • Under 15 Girls (led by Boxmoor CC playing as ‘Grand Union’ with Rebecca Kelly as Hemel’s lead)
  • Under 17 Boys (led by Khalid Sadiq, jointly with Boxmoor CC playing as ‘Grand Union’)

Our U14-17 boys also have the opportunity to play adult cricket.

Note: we follow school years where Under 9 is the same as Year 4, Under 10 is Year 5 and so on. In working out the age group for your child for 2021, it is their age on 31st August 2020 which determines the age group.  For example, a player who is 9 years old at that point would be an Under 10.  Whether they have their 10th birthday on 1st September 2020 or later in the 2019-20 school year, they would still be an Under 10.

Successes in recent years include playoff qualifications for several teams, while the team which is currently playing as the U17 Boys won the Snowden Trophy in four of the five years from 2014 to 2018 (and has now kept the Trophy in perpetuity).

Although many girls choose only to play cricket with other girls, we are delighted if they wish to train with the boys and indeed they will often be selected to play in the boys’ teams. Several have done so very successfully in our teams and will continue to do so. They are allowed to play two years down to compensate with the differences in ‘strengths’.


Our basic junior subscription is £80 per year (or £40 with a Dacorum Card). Since 2015, this fee has included free membership for any subsequent siblings who join.  A junior registration form is available on our Membership page.

The subscription covers all costs associated with training, ground maintenance, match fees, league registration, and so on. The only activity it doesn’t cover is the indoor cricket winter league which takes place in September-December each year and in which we do sometimes enter teams. That does have a fee for each match charged by the venue.

All our coaches are volunteers who are involved because they love the game of cricket.  As with most clubs, nobody at HHTCC is paid to coach, and fees reflect the costs of maintaining the club and its facilities, rather than paying people.

All Stars is bookable through the England and Wales Cricket Board (see link above) who do not give any discounts.

Winter training

We run indoor winter training from January through to March. We use a variety of gymnasiums and specialist indoor cricket venues in or near to Hemel Hempstead.  Please contact us for information.

Summer training

Summer training usually begins soon after Easter each year and is held at the club on varied days according to team, but this is currently subject to the situation in relation to Covid-19.  Please contact us for further information.

Summer fixtures

In usual years most teams play eight to ten league games from late April to the early July, followed by playoffs in the first half of July if they qualify. Games are usually once a week, any day Monday to Friday, starting at 6.00 pm (except for the first two weeks of the season which have a 5.30pm start) and normally finishing around 8.30 pm. Occasionally, league matches are played on a Sunday. For some age groups there is then a ‘summer league’ with about three games played in July and August, and also friendly matches. We also occasionally play games on Sunday mornings. Parents should expect to take their child(ren) to away fixtures, staying throughout the game. Our fixtures are avaialble from coaches.

Signing up

To make an enquiry about one of our U9+ squads, please contact:

Buy Club Kit from Romida

Club kit is available from: http://www.romida.co.uk/hemel-hempstead-town-cc.html   Romida might be known to some people by its previous name of Extra Cover Cricket and is the cricket shop on the industrial estate in Hemel Hempstead, so you can also visit them by finding their location at http://www.romida.co.uk/contacts

Player recognition

The contribution of players to junior cricket at HHTCC is recognised with the award of caps for 25, 50 and 100 appearances for hardball games played by boys and all matches played by girls.  In addition, an annual award made by the club in conjunction with the Box Moor Trust (who donate a Ton cricket bat made from willow grown on Trust land) recognises junior contributions to senior cricket.  Past winners are:

  • 2017: Matthew Scears
  • 2018: William Hodgins
  • 2019: Edward Grayson
  • 2020: Tayyab Sadiq
  • 2021: Thomas Willetts

Since 2018, we have awarded the Chaairperson’s Cup to juniors to recognise overall performance, covering both junior and senior cricket.  Past winners are:

  • 2018: William Hodgins
  • 2019: Edward Grayson
  • 2020: Tayyab Sadiq
  • 2021: Freddie Lowe

Hemel Hempstead Town CC: Hertfordshire County Champions /  National Competition Representatives


U15 Boys – County Champions


U15 Boys – County Champions


U13 Boys – County Champions & National Competition Representatives


U11 Boys 11-a-side – joint County Champions with Shenley

U15 Boys – County Champions & National Competition Representatives


U12 Boys – County Champions


U13A Boys – County Champions & National Competition Representatives


U11 Girls – County Champions

U15 Boys – National Competition Representatives

U17 Boys – County Champions


U11 Boys 8-a-side – County Champions