Hemel Hempstead Town Cricket Club

HHTCC Bar: Covid-19 Measures

Message to HHTCC Members, 24th September 2020

Dear Members,

I’m sure that you will join me in being delighted at the tremendous way that the Club has responded to the challenges that have been thrown at us by the COVID-19 pandemic and the great team spirit that has been shown by members. Support for the Club and particularly the Bar has been fantastic. I am also delighted that we are now able to offer a full range of live sport on TV at the Club during the autumn and winter, having invested in the best Sky and BT Sport packages

You will have seen the new measures that have been announced by the government and this has very important implications for the Club and the way we behave, not least with the introduction of severe financial penalties for non-compliance. Obviously, we intend to fully comply with the new rules which entails the following changes to the way the Bar will operate from the next time we open on Friday 25 September:

  • Face Coverings – it will now be essential for staff, members and their guests to wear face coverings at all times when they are not seated at tables inside or outside the Club, unless they have medical conditions that prevent this (please note that Joni McNicholas, our Bar Manager, has such as condition so will not be wearing a face covering). This includes entering the Club, going to the toilets and exiting the Club. Please note that you must provide your own face coverings as we will not be holding supplies at the Club.
  • Rule of 6 – this applies to groups both inside and outside the pavilion. Once you have joined with another person (or people) at a table, you are not permitted to join another person or group (or allow someone from another group to join you/your group) at any time during the same bar session.
  • Test & Trace – at least one person from any household attending the Club must register each time they attend, using the Club’s NHS QR Code (which will be on every table). This will entail people having the NHS app on their phones which is accessed through your phone’s App store. Please advise the Bar Staff if you are unable to use this service.
  • Table Service – regrettably, this is now mandatory. Ordering will continue to be via text message to the Bar but members will have to include both their name and their table number on the text. A member of the bar staff will then deliver your order to your table and remove empty glasses/bottles/cans. They will bring the contactless payment machine to you to take a card payment at your table. Paid up members will continue to benefit from discounted bar prices but money already loaded on cards, whilst remaining safe until we are able to use them again, will not be able to be used for the time being. If you require the money from your membership card to be returned to your payment card, please contact Trevor Radcliffe.
  • Social Distancing – we continue to ask members and their guests to abide by the current ‘1 metre plus’ requirements and respect any request from Bar Staff or other members to do so.
  • 10pm Closing Time – the new legal requirement is for the Club to be closed and locked up by 10pm, so members and guests will be reminded of this by the Bar Staff from 9pm. Members are asked to support the Bar Staff in achievement of this requirement.

You will be aware that the government has introduced fines for non-compliance with rules that could be payable by both individuals and the Club. These include:

    • £200 individual fines for a first offence if face coverings are not worn as required above or someone breaches the ‘Rule of 6’
    • up to £10,000 for the Club if face coverings are not worn as required above, social distancing has not been enforced. someone breaches the ‘Rule of 6’, Test & Trace information is not collected or the Club is not closed by 10pm.

I hope you will understand that it is essential that we comply with these rules to keep our staff, members and guests as safe as we possibly can, as well as avoiding the reputational and financial damage that could arise if they are not followed.

I am confident that these rules can be followed without a material impact on the tremendous atmosphere we have at the Club and we will all soon become used to these temporary arrangements. Please continue to make the most of the terrific facilities and safe environment that we have created at the Club in recent months. I look forward to seeing you there.

Best wishes

Professor Richard Grayson


Hemel Hempstead Town Cricket Club